Yo Sushi, Belfast

Marcon fitout tasked us with carrying out a design and build for the air-conditioning and ventilation in Yo sushi’s new Victoria square Belfast store.

As part of the contract we were also asked to provide kitchen fresh air ventilation, a kitchen extract system including a stainless steel kitchen extract canopy and also a combined ESP and UV-C filter system to remove grease and odour particulates from the kitchen exhaust air as part of the planning stipulations.








Works carried out:

  • Daikin ducted split air conditioning systems with insulated ducting running to the seating area of the store providing heated and cooled air through circular diffuser grilles coloured and carefully placed to blend in with the ceiling design.
  • A Verve 2000 HRV unit located above the raft ceiling providing fresh air to the seated area while utilising the exhaust air to preheat incoming fresh air increasing the stores energy efficiency and reducing the overall heat load of the building by providing free cooling.
  • Toilet ventilation ducted to the outside plant area.
  • Thermoscreen surface mounted C-Series overdoor heater powder coated black to match the wall finish located over the main entrance.
  • Installation of a stainless steel box type extraction canopy over the cooking appliances.
  • Extract from the above canopy system using a Rosenberg Unobox high temp centrifugal extract fan with the motor located out of the airstream to prolong fan lifespan. As the extract ducting had to rise through three floors on its way to the exhaust point it was installed in fire rated ducting as it left the kitchen.
  • Plasmaclean PCL combined ESP / UV-C module located within the extract ducting to remove grease using the ESP collector plates and also to destroy odour and smoke using UV-C bulbs which create ozone to neutralise all organic compounds.
  • Fresh air to the kitchen provided by a Ruck mixed flow fan directed through grilles mounted throughout the kitchen ceiling
  • Gas pipework from the natural gas meter position to the cookline appliances.
  • A gas interlock system consisting of a Trent products panel monitoring power to both kitchen fans to cut the gas supply in the event of ventilation failure.

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