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May 7, 2018
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R22 Phase out and replacement

What is R22 and why is it being phased out: R22 is a HCFC  refrigerant gas that was extensively used within air-conditioning, refrigeration and process chilling. R22 was very popular within the air-conditioning industry and a lot of the older units in every thing from small split systems to large VRF systems will be running on this gas. Due to its potential to cause Ozone depletion when released it has been gradually phased under out under EC law from 2010 with only reclaimed R22 being used to currently top up systems and will see a total ban on the use of even reclaimed R22 in January 2015 leaving R22 systems unable to be worked on and redundant from this period. With the deadline for the total ban looming closer the cost of reclaimed gas is spiralling and businesses


How does this affect my business and what can I do about it: The cost of reclaimed R22 is increasing as the ban gets nearer and with the window of opportunity for a well planned changeover getting ever smaller it is time for affected businesses to give a changeover serious thought. Typical systems changeovers could range from replacing the equipment only and reusing the pipework to having to replace both the equipment and pipework. We understand that you rely total on your air conditioning for heating and cooling you premises so with careful planning and guidance from M & M services it needn’t be a hassle. The financial outlay can be another stumbling block that sees a lot of companies fail to address the changeover but with schemes like the ECA loan scheme for some replacement technologies it can help soften the blow and ultimately it is work that will have to be undertaken in the near future anyway. Another point to bear in mid when contemplating the switch is that the new gas being used in air conditioning systems (R410A) is between 20 – 30% more efficient than R22 so ultimately it will help reduce running costs.



What sort of solutions are available to me: For smaller split and Multi-split systems depending on the condition and oil contamination of the existing pipework it may be the case that a new outdoor and indoor air conditioning unit and new pipework must be fitted. If the pipework is not badly contaminated it is possible to flush it with a cleaning agent and reuse the pipework with causing any adverse damage to your new air conditioning system.


In larger VRF systems it is possible to get an “R22 replacement” specific system like Daikin VRV3-Q system or the Mitsubishi city Multi R2 range, these outdoor units clean the pipework removing any deposits and R22 mineral oil which would normally contaminate a system. In certain instances on the larger VRF installations, depending on the make and model of your system it may also be possible to reuse your indoor units. All of these solutions help reduce costs incurred curing the switchover and also reduce downtime and disruption.



Why choose M & M services for your R22 replacement system: M & M services can offer air conditioning solutions from all the major brands so we may be able to offer a replacement technology from the manufacturer of your current system helping to reduce costs and labour. We can also carryout out free site surveys, give design advice  including fully annotated drawings and liaise with other contractors you have involved to give you a hassle free and professionally run changeover from your old R22 air conditioning to a new more energy efficient system.

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