With the current progression within the architectural and building services industry to create draught free airtight buildings, ventilation has become more important than ever in creating an indoor environment with high air quality for the end user. Odours, excessive moisture, effluents, chemicals,toxic gases and stagnation of air are all issues which ventilation systems help control and eliminate.
Well designed and installed ventilation systems can increase staff comfort levels and therefore production levels, help increase efficiency of equipment, address the health and safety of occupants and create a “pleasant” environment for customers and M & M services have been at the forefront of this industry within Ireland  for fifteen years. Our team of dedicated designers and installers are on hand to help you through the minefield of legislation and guidance and new technologies available to give you a system suited to your exact needs.
All of our ventilation work is designed, specified and installed to meet current HVCA standards including DW172, DW144 and TR/17 and local area authority legislation.

M & M services offer the following ventilation services:

Site surveys / Design advice: M & M services offer fully annotated CAD drawings for building control submission. Design of ventilation systems including airflows selected to meet current legislation, duct sizing, plant sizing and grille selection. Reports on different ventilation systems to help an end user weigh up costs, benefits and their practicality. Advice for meeting building control and local council legislation including issues like noise, odour control, aesthetics of plant and equipment and performance of the ventilation system.

Canopy extract and Kitchen fresh air systems


General extract/supply systems: Design and installation of extract systems to remove fumes, odours and moisture covering everything from simple toilet extraction systems to dust/ chemical extract systems. Design and installation of supply air systems including fresh air systems for offices and shops, positive pressure systems for escape stairwells/corridors and also for high care food preparation.

Heat recovery ventilation systems: With all new building services engineering technologies moving towards energy efficiency and recovery of waste heat and energy, Heat recovery ventilation units are becoming a necessity rather than a luxury as end users are recognizing that when large volumes of air are being supplied into a building it takes a lot of energy to heat the air to a comfortable temperature. A heat recovery ventilation system helps reduce the amount of heat input required due to the fact that a certain proportion of the heat within the extract air will be recovered and transferred to the supply air.  M & M services can supply and fit systems such as the Daikin VAM heat recovery units for offices, restaurants and shops or if required, Bespoke designed and manufactured air handling units to meet the client’s exact needs.

Supply of fans, Grilles and ventilation equipment: We can carryout remedial works on existing ventilation systems including fan replacement, adding or removing ducting and grilles and redesigning ventilation systems to suit new building layouts as we recognise that in the current climate it is not always practical to remove an existing system and replace it. M & M services  supply and fit fans from quality manufacturers such as Rosenberg, Flaktwoods, Vent-axia, Daikin and Verve including electronic controllers, Auto-transformer controller and VSD drives and general fan ancillaries depending on the customers requirements. We supply and fit various different types of ducting including steel spiral diameter ducting, flexible insulated / non-insulated ducting, Rectangular ducting custom made to suit a particular specification, fire rated ducting and specials including ducting powder coated to a specific colour, PIB weather proofing of ducting or Aluminium ducting. We supply and fit a large range of grilles including Linear bar grilles, eggcrate grilles, louvre faced diffusers, Circular diffusers, air valves, deflection grilles and external louvres. We can also supply and fit components such as heater batteries, attenuators, Fire dampers, VCD’s and Access doors.