Our directors started the company 15 years ago as time served Refrigeration engineers and since then we have always strived to remain at the forefront of the refrigeration industry through training and maintain relationships with the best equipment suppliers.  From small product fridges in shops and retail outlets to supermarket refrigeration, pack systems and large coldstores we have the knowledge, Know-how and supplier backup to carry out your job, no matter how big or small it may be. All of our refrigeration engineers are “F-gas” and “Institute of refrigeration” certified and are trained in brazing standards and  We can supply and install refrigeration from all the major suppliers including Danfoss, Copeland, Searle, TAE, L’unite, ECO, Pastorfrigor, Arneg and Interlevin.
All of our chill and freezer rooms are designed and manufactured so that they are bespoke to your project and rather than offer you an off the shelf modular system that only meets part of your requirements we are able to offered a truly tailored solution that maximizes space and allows us to build a site specific solution that works for you.

M & M services offer the following refrigeration services:

Centralised refrigeration pack systems:We can supply and install packaged refrigeration systems in high temperature or low temperature or a combination of both to suit your particular display refrigeration. Refrigerated pack systems offer a greater efficiency when designed and installed correctly than standard outdoor units due to the fact that rather than starting and stopping the outdoor unit which creates larger electrical demands the pack system uses banks of compressors to closely match the required load with the duty being produced by the pack. They also reduce the physical footprint as all outdoor equipment is housed within one larger unit and they reduce the indoor piping as all of your refrigeration is piped back to a common piping header.

Supermarket / Shop display refrigeration: We supply and install refrigerated display equipment from major manufacturers such as Pastorfrigor, Arneg, Interlevin, Tefcold, Caravell and a host of others. Units are available in “Plug-in” or remote options to give you more flexibility in the design of your store.

Refrigerant to water heat recovery: We supply and install systems such as the Eureka PTS systems or a plate heat exchanger fitted to your pack system which can transfer the waste heat that is being rejected at your condenser to a hot water system to give you hot water for your store and increase energy efficiency associated with equipment by reducing the load on your condensers.

Chill rooms / Freezer rooms: We supply and install everything from small 2m x 2m rooms right up to large abattoir rooms and meat factories. Our rooms are supplied and installed to the highest quality with every room designed specifically in size and layout to suit your store requirements. We also offer optional extras like pallet or forklift sized doors, doors with viewing hatches, stainless steel door finishes, glass doors for off-license rooms, floors with or without chequer plating, heater mats for freezer room floors, ramps and PVC strip curtains.We install high quality equipment including Danfoss optyma plus fully housed condensers giving low noise and better energy efficiency, Danfoss controls and subpack and Searle evaporators. All of our rooms are supplied and installed with a years warranty on both the room and equipment giving you piece of mind after the installation process. We can also supply shelving in a range of different options including Cambro plastic coated wire shelving and Stacarac reinforced plastic shelving.

Leak detection systems: With large pack systems carrying hundreds of pounds worth of refrigeration more and more customers are opting for a Refrigerant leak detection systems to detect leaks at the earliest possible time to limit their losses of refrigerant gas, reduce call-out charges and also reduce downtime of their refrigeration system. M & M services understand that large supermarkets and shops rely on their refrigeration system as a mainstay of their business which is why we recommend and install the latest in leak detection systems from manufacturers such as Murco.

Remote temperature monitoring systems: HACCP legislation requires that fridges and freezers in commercial premises use a system to monitor the temperatures and also with larger stores carrying thousands of pounds of product in their chilled and frozen display it is important that store managers are notified at the earliest opportunity to stop the food being spoiled. In larger stores it is not practical to manually manage this datalogging and it is a much more cost effective idea to install a data monitoring system with remote probes in each chilled or frozen zone that all signal back to a central datalogging panel that can store the data, export it to a local computer, alarm if required and send a text or email to alert store workers to high temperatures. These systems offer endless customisation to allow it to be setup to suit what works best for your store. We can install systems from manufacturers such as RDM, Thermomax, Carel and Danfoss.