Kitchen Fabrication

M & M services offer a wide range of stainless steel extraction canopies and stainless steel commercial kitchen fabrications designed to suit your exact requirements. All of the stainless steel fabrications we produce are designed and fabricated in house in our fabrications workshop allowing us to offer the customer a bespoke product while at the same time maintaining a quality finish at a competitive price, The fact that we manufacture inhouse gives us the greatest amount of control over the end product in terms of craftsmanship, cost effectiveness and delivery date. We understand that your canopy is an integral part of your kitchen so we always endeavour to have your canopy produced and installed on a fast turnaround to minimise downtime for your business.
We offer free site surveys to make sure the canopy is manufactured to meet the exact requirements of your kitchen as we appreciate every kitchen is different and we are always on hand to offer advice in terms of cost, practicality of installation and staff comfort levels when using the equipment.
All of our Extraction canopies are designed, manufactured and installed to meet DW172 guidance and as we are also ventilation installers with years of experience we can look after your kitchen ventilation system as a complete package right from design to final commissioning.

M & M services offer the following Commercial kitchen fabrications services:

Different types of Extraction canopy: We appreciate that no two kitchens are the same so we offer a varying range of stainless steel extraction canopies. We can offer the following types:

  • Standard Box type canopy- This is the standard type of canopy manufactured in 1.2mm polished finish stainless steel, usually 500 to 600mm deep with a grease channel and collection tray and a filter channel with an extraction plenum to house whatever filters you select.
  • Wedge type canopy- The wedge type canopy is installed in kitchens with a reduced ceiling height as it has a raked profile from the back to the front and allows for more headroom for staff working under it and helps maintain a height of the ground of 2.1m which is recommended for effective capture of the fumes while allowing head room for staff to work beneath it.
  • Island type canopy- An Island type canopy is for larger Kitchens with a lot of cooking equipment where it is more practical to arrange the cooking equipment back to back. The canopy is either box type or wedge type in its side on profile and has a V-bank style filter and plenum arrangement to allow for extraction on both cook lines from one common plenum. Island type canopies usually also feature vapour proof lights and stainless steel service spines which are discussed below.
  • Bespoke canopy- In the event that one of the above types of canopy will not suit the look or shape of your premises we can design and manufacture a bespoke canopy for you. This could include canopies manufactured in particular shapes for architectural or aesthetics reasons, canopies clad in different materials for aesthetics reasons or perhaps if there is a beam or other structural element of a building in the cookline we can have a canopy notched or checked to fit around it.

Fresh air options manufactured into the canopy: For an extraction system to be effective and to stop problems associated with windows and doors slamming or being held open due to Kitchens being under negative pressure then a system needs to be installed to replace the extracted air with fresh air from outside. With space in ceiling voids for grilles and ducting usually at a minimum within a kitchen and staff requiring spot cooling when working under canopies, why not have a fresh air plenum manufactured into your canopy.
M & M services can offer solutions such as fresh air plenums within the face of the canopy with air being blown into the kitchen through double deflection or linear bar grilles, fresh air plenums with a perforated steel underside with air being directed downwards to create an induction effect to trap effluents and fumes within the canopy and reduce fume spillage and also jet nozzle diffusers which can direct jets of air over staff to cool them while working on particularly warm parts of the cookline.

Extract / Fresh air ventilation systems: The most important aspect of any kitchen extract system is the ventilation, which is why M & M services look after all design aspects of your canopy and ventilation system in house and only install ventilation products from trusted suppliers and manufacturers such as Rosenberg, Flaktwoods, Vent-axia, Lindab, Mc Caig-Collim, Advanced air and HVC among others


  • Extract ventilation systems-  All extract airflows are sized according to guidelines in the DW172 guidance allowing us to size an extract fan with the correct duty required for the type of cooking you are doing and all ducting and plant are sized based on CIBSE guide C and years of experience from installing. We can offer centrifugal type fans including box fans and high temp centrifugal extract fans, Axial fans, Mixed flow fans, Roof mounted fans, Bifurcated and plate mounted fans to meet the design and budget constraints of every project. Where the budget suits we aim to install Fans such as the Rosenberg Unobox ME centrifugal fan that offers large airflows and pressure drops but with the motor mounted out of the airstream allowing extract temps of up to 90 degrees while isolating the motor and prolonging its lifespan. We also offer ducting and duct terminations to suit every job including spiral wound galvanised steel ducting, Rectangular ducting for reduced ceiling voids, Fire rated ducting, Powder coated ducting to match the external façade of a building and also aluminium ducting if required.
  • Return air ventilations systems: For a kitchen extract system to function correctly it is recommended that 85% of the volume of extracted air is replaced within the kitchen with air drawn from outside and filtered via a ducted return air ventilation system, this reduces problems like doors and windows slamming or being held open due to severe negative pressure in the kitchen and also provides air for combustion to take place in gas and electric cooking appliances without reducing air quality for staff. M & M services can offer systems that include canopy fresh air plenums, filtration units to filter air to a required grade, various types of grille and louvre arrangements to suit the kitchen layout, silencers to reduce noise within the kitchen from the fan and also heater batteries to warm incoming air.

Extra items for canopies: You may require extra items to be installed alongside your canopy to help it function correctly or improve your kitchen, some of these items are outlined below:

  • Stainless steel wall cladding- We can install stainless steel sheeting with a polished finish from floor to ceiling including corner and jointing strips which are clad to the wall using adhesive to give you a heat resistant surface that can easily be wiped clean, this is usually installed behind or around cooking equipment where grease is likely to splash and there will be a cleaning requirement from HSE.
  • Service spines and service  risers- Stainless steel service spines are usually installed underneath island type canopies and offer a hygienic and effective solution to concealing essential services for your cookline equipment. Services spines or risers can contain all of your gas, water, waste and electrical services and can be manufactured with removable panels for easy access for any future maintenance. They can also incorporate shelves which are built in to the spine to support a salamander grille which is mounted at high level and requires supporting.
  • Vapour proof lights- With larger canopies or canopies installed in poorly lit areas of the kitchen it may be a requirement to have lights under your canopy. All of our lights are vapour proof to withstand the higher temperatures, stainless steel and recessed to allow cleaning down and are “bulb in bulb” so that if a bulb blows it will not contaminate food with shattered glass.
  • Sound attenuation- It may be the case that your fan or ducting has to be installed in a noise sensitive area, in such instances we can propose acoustically lined box fan, silencers to prevent noise travelling within ducting and acoustically lined ducting to prevent noise breakout if required. All our fans are installed with anti-vibration mounting to prevent transmission of vibration to surrounding structures.

Grease filtration, smoke filtration and odour control: As standard we offer baffle type stainless steel filters which will filter out a large proportion of the grease and can be cleaned in a commercial dishwasher allowing them to be reused again. You may be required by your local county council or planning authority to provide a greater level of grease removal, remove blue smoke associated with grilling or treat nuisance odours which may be getting blown to neighbouring properties, we can offer the following solutions to help you meet the planning authority requirements:

  • UV / Ozone injection system: Stab in UV modules within the canopy filter bank or in the ducting just above the canopy provide an element of grease destruction and help treat odours by creating ozone which neutralises organic compounds associated with the odours. These modules can be installed within new installations but are also suitable to retrofit into existing extract ventilation systems providing the duct run is long enough to give sufficient contact time with the ozone.
  • ESP filtration systems: Electrostatic precipitator units are installed directly into the extract airstream and use electrically charged collector plates to remove grease, airborne oil and blue smoke particles. It is also possible to get combined ESP /UV-C units such as the plasma clean PCL that filter grease and also treat odours and smoke using UV bulbs to inject ozone directly into the ducting to neutralise organic compounds giving one complete package to reduce costs and space required.
  • Activated carbon filters: Carbon filters are installed within the ducting with pre-filters to prolong the life of the carbon cells and absorb unwanted odours and smoke.

The above solutions can be combined to offer you a tailor made system to meet planning requirements while adhering to a tight budget and we are always on hand to offer guidance.