Current commercial gas legislation is a minefield of bulletins, legislation and guidelines which can confuse even the best informed customer, why not take the hassle out of your Commercial gas installation by having M & M services carry out your works, safe in the knowledge that we are a “Gas safe” registered company and have years of experience working on commercial gas installations.  Our engineers are qualified and fully trained in the following areas:

  • COCN1 – Core commercial gas safety-N
  • ICPN1 – Installation of commercial pipework
  • CDGA1 – Direct fired commercial appliances
  • CORT1 – Overhead radiant heaters
  • CIGA1 -Indirect fired commercial appliances
  • TPCP1 -Testing and purging of pipework>1m³
  • CCCN1

M & M services can offer the following in commercial gas works:

Commercial Nat gas and LPG installations: We can install pipework from your meter or bulk tank position to your catering equipment feedrail or heating equipment. We can install everything from threaded black iron and Galv pipe, Flanged pipe right through to TRAC pipe and MDPE plastic piping. All of our work is fully certified and meets all current regulations, each installation is fully certified with full paperwork for your own records.

Simple and advanced gas interlock system: British standard BS6173 and technical bulletin 140 state that when a gas system is installed in a commercial premises it must be interlocked with the ventilation system so that in the event of fan failure or abnormal fan performance on an extract or supply kitchen ventilation system the gas will be shutoff via a gas solenoid. Technical bulletin 140 also gives further guidance on installing more advanced systems that give a secondary interlock that monitors CO2 levels within a premises and allows the cooking to continue until such times as the air quality drops and the gas is shut off. In larger kitchens this can be invaluable as the gas is not immediately shut off and allows for a certain period to arrange an engineer to get the ventilation up and running before the gas shuts off. We install everything from simple systems using high / low current monitoring switches and air pressure differential switches right through to panels that can vary the fan speed of the extraction based on how much gas is currently being used.
In such instances as school laboratories with gas taps or where kitchen equipment has been installed without flame failure supervision it will be necessary to install a pressure proving system to test the gas line for any open appliances, this is normally done using a shutoff solenoid and a pressure proving panel that tests the system everytime it is used. Panels can be as simple or elaborate as required with extras including keylocks, Gas sniffer systems and audible alarms.
Gas within a commercial environment is an invaluable way to heat and cook but owing to the dangers involved having the correct gas controls and monitoring system has never been more important, don’t leave the safety of your employees and your business to chance, have our company assess your installation and bring it up to current standards.

Gas conversion works (LPG to Natural gas): With more and more companies moving from LPG gas to natural gas when it becomes available there is a growing demand for changing equipment to Natural gas. We can carryout your conversion works including supplying and fittings new natural gas jets direct from the manufacturer or adapting existing jets to suit.

Gas fired heating equipment: Gas fired heating is a cost effective way of heating large spaces owing to the competitive price of Nat / LPG gas and the availability of a diverse range of Commercial and Industrial gas fired space heaters. Units are available to offer convection type heating with air being forced across gas fired tubes and blown into specific areas suitable for factories, Large retail premises and warehouses and also tube style radiant heaters that heat the surface they reflect onto rather than the air itself and are particularly effective in dealing with high mounting heights and outside installations where convection heating is not an option We can supply and install gas fired heating equipment from manufacturers such as Powrmatic and Warmflow including suspended gas heaters , radiant tube heaters and cabinet type heaters. Through our AHU supplier we are also able to supply air handling units with an indirect gas fired heater section to look after your heating / ventilation needs and also incorporating heat recovery and cooling.

Instantaneous gas fired water heaters: The use of instantaneous gas fired water heaters over the last few years has exploded as customers realise the potential savings of using gas fired water heaters to serve their hot water demand while removing the need for storage, this removal of the storage of hot water means you only pay for the hot water directly used and there is no heating of large tank to only use part of it and also the space freed up by removing the storage element. M&M services install Rinnai gas fired instantaneous water heaters to look after the hot water demands of everything from takeaways, hairdressers, restaurants and Coffee shops right up to small to medium scale supermarkets.