Air Conditioning

Over the last few years air conditioning technology has moved on to such an extent that air conditioning is no longer a luxury piece of building services equipment that is costly to run, with the introduction of more energy efficient technologies including inverter driven compressors within AC outdoor units  and energy efficient controls features, air conditioning has become a cost effective way of heating and cooling your building space and with a large range of unit types there is always a solution to your particular needs. We can offer air conditioning from quality manufacturers such as Daikin, Toshiba and Mitsubishi-electric and we are a D1 priority installer of Daikin equipment which allows us to offer you increased savings, better product support and design advice on Daikin air conditioning products.
All of our engineers are qualified in brazing standards and attend regular training seminars from all the leading Aircon manufacturers which allows us to keep ahead of the rapid technological advances within the air conditioning industry and offer you the very latest in energy saving products.

M & M services offer the following air conditioning and climate control services:

Design: We can carry out all of our own design work including fully annotated drawings for building control in-house and can also offer design advice to customers, contractors and consultants when required. We use VRV / VRF simulation software from the top brands to aid with unit selection and compare running costs of split AC systems against VRV systems. Our site surveys and design guidance are a free service that we hope demonstrates to each potential customer that we are the best company to carry out their work. We can liaise with other trades onsite including main contractors, electricians and plumbers to supply unit sizes, positions, pipe runs and electrical loadings for your selected equipment to take away any the hassle of our customers dealing with this.

Small split and Multi-split air conditioning systems: From salons and retail premises to pubs and cafes, split and multi-split air conditioning units offer a practical and cost effective way to look after your heating and cooling needs. A split or multi-split system consists of one, two, three or four indoor air conditioning units running off one outdoor heat pump unit, these generally range in sizes from 2kw right up to 20Kw in the case of some three phase systems. Units come in wall mounted, cassette, mini-cassette, ceiling suspended, ducted, slim ducted, chassis and floor standing type so there is always a solution to your particular environment and units can be installed in retro-fit and existing buildings as well as new buildings.
Each unit comes with a variety of control options allowing you to make the controls aspect as simple or complex as you desire, from infra-red remotes with basic control functions for ease of use to interface boards that allow communication with your building management system and external control. Our units can be installed with minimum fuss when retrofitting them into existing business premises and our engineers are sensitive to the fact you still have to run a business run while we carry out your work. All of our units come with a full warranty and we can also offer you a maintenance contract to keep your AC system running as efficiently as possible and prolong the life span of the system.
Multi-split systems consist of two or more indoor units running off one larger outdoor unit. They offer customers a way to heat or cool a large open plan area without the need for more outdoor heat pumps and minimise labour time installing the system due to reduced piping, they also allow for two smaller units to be installed in rooms with an irregular shape that are difficult to condition with one unit.

Large VRV / VRF air conditioning systems: VRV / VRF systems consist of one large outdoor heat pump running multiple indoor units branched off a main piping network that can either be two pipe (heat pump) or a three pipe system (heat recovery) which allows independent heating and cooling of each zone. VRV systems offer greater efficiencies than split units and greater flexibility when it comes to the installation. They are particularly effective for office blocks and retail premises where a large number of smaller indoor units are required and the outdoor units have to be situated in a plant room or rooftop a considerable distance away, this rules out using split units due to the longer piping distances. VRV systems also save on space due to there being only one outdoor unit and reduces the need for multiple sets of pipes with their common index pipe run which can be critical in a high rise office block where services and plant space are at a premium.
3-pipe or heat recovery VRV systems offer much higher energy efficiencies than other VRV systems and with the aid of the three pipe system and branch selector or zone boxes they can offer independent heating and cooling within each designated zone, this is a great advantage in buildings where office space with people working in it may require heating while data centres and machinery may require cooling. Heat recovery systems like Daikin VRV3 give uninterrupted heating even in winter where conventional heat pump or split systems would have to go into a defrost cycle leaving you with heating downtime. Heat recovery VRV systems also usually qualify for ECA schemes with most manufacturers offering selection software that lets you check ECA qualification during the design phase. VRV systems also offer a large range of controls including simplified controllers for hotels, hardwired premium controllers, infra-red remote controllers, centralised controllers and BMS/External control interfaces like BACnet, Modules can also be added to a VRV system to use waste heat that would otherwise be rejected at the condenser to heat water for kitchen and sanitary use further increasing efficiency.

All of our VRV systems are designed / checked in house and we can offer a full set of drawings for them, reports from VRV / VRF software, controls wiring diagrams, power loads and piping diagrams. Using VRV / VRF simulator software also allows us to replicate installation conditions to speed up the commissioning process and highlight any issues that may arise while carrying out the installation.

Comms room / Server room air conditioning:  Comms rooms and server rooms are an integral part of any business and making sure your computer equipment runs as designed requires an effective cooling solution. M & M services offer various brands and type of AC unit to cater for each particular job including power or super inverter units that offer higher efficiencies, longer pipe runs and special field settings to give continuous cooling in the low humidity associated with a comms room environment. We can also offer specialist controls and systems to monitor the temperature and humidity and alarm or send alerts via SMS or email in the event of the AC going down. Controls packages can be offered to link in with building management systems to give centralised control and also offer monitoring of the unit operation.

R22 Phase out and replacement: With the R22 phase out deadline upon us we are now at the point where businesses need to start thinking seriously about replacing their existing R22 systems. R22 is one of the more common refrigerant gases that has been used over the last number of years but due to its potential for causing ozone depletion it has been gradually phased out. Since 2010 it has become illegal to produce or top up any system with virgin R22 which has caused the price to rapidly increase as reclaimed stocks dwindle and in 2015 the use of all R22 will be illegal, these systems will no longer be able to be topped up or worked on rendering them redundant.
Replacing your R22 air conditioning system does not need to be as big a hassle as many businesses foresee, manufacturers like Daikin and Mitsubishi offer specific VRV systems to replace R22 units which automatically flush existing pipework allowing it to be reused which reduces the costs incurred in the changeover and also reduces downtime, these systems also usually qualify for ECA loans which help offset capital costs incurred which can put a lot of companies of making the switch. Most new air conditioning systems use R410A gas which can offer much greater efficiencies when compared to R22 which reduces running costs for the end user. Pipework on existing R22 split systems can also be reused when replacing these systems provided you follow the correct pump down procedure, check for oil contamination and flush the pipework with a recommended flushing agent.

Changing from your existing R22 system needn’t be a hassle so allow us to guide you in selecting the most effective and efficient AC solution to suit your needs while keeping the capital cost down.

Other air conditioning and climate control solutions:

  • Chilled water air conditioning systems utilise water cooled in a water chiller unit which is then pumped through a hydraulic piping network to fan coil units to provide cooling to your building space. These fan coil units usually come in similar types to standard DX airconditioning indoor units including ducted units, cassette type units, chassis units and floor standing units. Chilled water systems offer certain advantages over refrigerant gas in that they are not limited to maximum pipe runs, with the aid of appropriately sized pump sets water circuits can be made much longer and suit high rise buildings and large building layouts. Also with chilled water systems the refrigerant side of the circuit is usually situated wholly in the plant area thereby reducing the likely hood of a refrigerant leak. These fan coil systems can also incorporate Low temperature hot water coils which can be used to provide heating through the fan coils via a separate hot water circuit from a boiler or other plant.
  • It is also possible to get water cooled VRV systems which dissipate or absorb heat through the water rather the typical air cooled condensers that are normally seen. Water cooled VRV system are usually smaller and can be situated inside your building with inlet and outlet water pipework running to a cooling tower as they do not rely on air blown across the condenser coil offering the same AC solutions without the need for externally mounted condensers.
  • We can offer air conditioning units for commercial kitchens to help with cooling the large heat load associated with cooking equipment, units such as the stainless steel ceiling suspended unit from Mitsubishi are perfect for a kitchen environment where surfaces are required to be wipe-able for hygiene reasons and it also comes with specific filters to cope with the extra grease in a kitchen environment. These units help increase staff comfort levels, meet health and safety at work regulations in respect to temperature control of the work place and increase staff productivity. We can also supply and install low temperature air conditioning units from manufacturers such as Qualitair and Heron-hill. These units offer an effective solution in environments such as beer cellars, food and confectionary production and cooling machinery where normal air conditioning equipment cannot reach a low enough temperature to provide adequate cooling and a medium temperature refrigeration system wouldn’t suit.

Service and maintenance: All of our air conditioning installations come with a full manufacturer’s warranty and along with this with we can offer maintenance contracts to help keep your equipment running as efficiently as possible and prolong its lifespan. It is estimated that dirty air conditioning filters can increase the running costs of an air conditioning unit by up to 30%, why not setup a maintenance contract to have regular service visits and keep the running costs to a minimum. We are trained to work on air conditioning from all the major suppliers and can supply parts for most brands.