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Get your aircon ready for summer


With spring coming to an end and summer bearing down on us now is the ideal time to think about getting your air conditioning systems serviced. Now is the ideal time to get maintenance and remedial works carried out on your systems as the temperature is becoming milder and you are not relying on your AC for heating duties so much and you can afford to have the system down while it is being worked on.

Over the winter with inclement weather and high winds leaves, moss and other debris can be blown into the condenser coils leaving the fins blocked, this affects performance and reduces how much heat the coil can dissipate. The debris can also clog condensers drains causing them to block and leak, if the water in the drain tray freezes and the ice builds up high enough it can catch on the fan blade and damage it. The picture below shows the sort of dirt and dust that can accumulate in a heat pump condenser coil, this dirt prevents blown air from circulating around the fins of the condenser coil and reduces how much heat the coil can dissipate when trying to cool your room.

The filters on your indoor unit also block over time with all of the dust they accumulate forcing the fan to work harder to overcome the pressure of the blocked filter. It is estimated that blocked filters can reduce system efficiency by up to 25% so a well timed maintenance can have your filters cleaned and have the unit running in tip top condition ready for the summer.


Have you noticed any bad smells coming from you air conditioning. Over time bacteria and mould develops on the evaporator coil and the drain tray inside the indoor unit and when the unit is running the smells from this bacteria will be blown out into your premises. M&M services carry a range of coil cleaners and protectors from manufacturers such as advanced engineering that will leave your unit smelling fresh and free from mould.


We understand that over the winter air conditioning is the last thing on a customer’s mind however we always recommend carrying out maintenance in the autumn / spring time as you can not afford to have your air conditioning go down in the midst of summer with a premises full of hot and irate customers or angry office staff.



Why not give us a call or drop us an email to have your system looked at.

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